Secrets of Profiting from Google Adsense Ads for Beginners 2023

 What are the secrets of profit from Google Adsense ads cpm google adsense ? It has become one of the best and easiest ways to earn online, and AdSense is one of the most loyal companies in terms of paying their partners who own blogs, websites, channels and apps; Therefore, in our article today, we will provide you with all the details on how to earn in different ways, stay tuned.

To take advantage of Google Adsense, the following are required:
Secrets of Profiting from Google Adsense Ads for Beginners 2023

For exclusive and high quality content to offer.

The content presented to it must be an audience that seeks to reach it.
Be able to get visitors to view the content in a legitimate way.
Adhere to Google Adsense policies and terms.
You have a way to display content and ads.
You sign up for AdSense, then wait for your AdSense account to be accepted, then you can view ads and earn revenue.
What is Google AdSense? 
In the process of talking about the secrets of profit from Google Adsense ads, it is an advertising program that allows website owners to generate a financial return by posting ads on websites and blogs, Google Adsense is one of the two main sections of the Google ads system, the second section is called Google AdWords. 

Adsense is a program for displaying ads on websites and YouTube videos.

AdWords is the platform that helps advertisers create and publish ads on sites participating in the Google Adsense program.
In a clearer sense, Google Adwords is the system that takes money from advertisers in exchange for displaying ads, while Google Adsense is the add-on system that gives you money in exchange for hosting ads on your website, while Google acts as an intermediary to link advertisers to relevant sites for their ads, Google gets a portion of profits.

How to earn from Google Adsense ads

Benefit from Google Adsense with its ads, there are billions of advertisers, website owners and bloggers in Google, and it is an intermediary between advertisers, owners of blogs and sites, the Google AdSense platform receives ads from the advertiser and then chooses the appropriate sites to display the ad according to the advertising field. 

A click on an ad has a specific monetary value, depending on the advertising fee that the advertiser places on the Google Adsense platform for a click on their ad, or per 1000 views, or the number of times their ad appears on your website or blog, there are 3 types of profitable ads on Google Adsense , Which:

Google Adsense Ads for Beginners 2023

Text Ads: These are written promotional phrases that can be used for products, services, companies, websites, real estate, etc.

Image ads: Promotional images placed on a blog or website that display the main article title in a short and visual format, if designed in a professional, elegant and eye-catching way, that helps in attracting visitors.

Video Ads: These are short promotional videos. These videos are usually placed on apps or YouTube channels.

Best ways to earn from Adsense for beginners 
To continue talking about the secrets of profit from Google Adsense ads, there are many different ways for beginners in this field, to know more details, follow the following lines: 

The possibility of earning through the YouTube platform

This is the most popular method, and it is very crowded, because the YouTube platform allows you to open many free channels, and you do not have to buy hosting, domain or write content, but all you have to do is choose an area that people interact with most in order to benefit from their opinions.

Earn by qualifying blogs for admission to Adsense

As we talked about the secrets of profit from Google Adsense ads, Google Adsense rejects many blogs and sites when they are presented to the company to take advantage of the ads provided by this platform to the owners of blogs and sites, and the reason for this rejection is that the applicants do not meet the conditions of Google Adsense.

In addition, many users resort to fraudulent means: Google Adsense rejects their blogs and sites; Therefore, your blog or site must qualify for admission to Google AdSense by providing exclusive content that is not copied or stolen from other sources, complying with all Google Adsense terms and conditions, and when they accept your blog or site, you will also be paid for it. 

Profit from Google Adsense ads without a website

As we talked about the secrets of profit from Google Adsense ads, you can follow several steps to earn money with Google Adsense without a site, and this is what we will explain as follows: 

Take advantage of Google Adsense without owning a site via revenue sharing sites, these sites give you a platform to publish your articles. 

Divide or share the profits derived from this Article in previously agreed proportions.
Profit sharing sites are a good option for those who don't have money and want to make profits. 
Hence, it is not necessary to have a website if you want to benefit from Google Adsense. 
Where revenue sharing sites will take over the task of running Adsense ads.
When a visitor clicks on the ad, the person's earning percentage will be sent to their Google AdSense account. 
Earning from Adsense through Facebook
In the context of talking about the secrets of profit from Google Adsense ads, there are some cases in which we can earn money from Adsense through the Facebook platform, and they are as follows:

Get visitors from behind effective Facebook pages that have a lot of fans.

Quite simply, you can create a blog like Blogger, WordPress, or a paid website.
Although the latter earns you a lot of money because of the quality of the foreign content visitor and the amount of money the advertiser pays.
Now after writing and soon after 6 months at least.
You can submit an application for an Adsense ad by creating an AdSense account. The process is simple and approval is quick if you agree to the terms, including:  
Write constantly where you are in compliance with the SEO or SEO laws.
Choose keywords or keywords in a detailed and thoughtful way in order to target the word and get the highest rankings.

Average Profit from Google Adsense Ads

Profit from Google Adsense ads
In light of the secrets of profit from Google Adsense ads, Google Adsense earnings depend on a number of factors, which are as follows:

target country

Where do the visits come from? For example, we find that the average price per click on an ad from Egypt is 3 cents, and the price is almost the same as for the rest of the Arab countries, except for some countries where the click price can reach 5 or 6 cents, but the price for a click from abroad will be much better So.

Content type

The CPC is controlled by the type of content. The CPC in software and technology content differs from that in automotive or educational content, for example, and this can be determined by searching for the best CPC content for 1000 ad impressions.

Posting ads on the site

As the appearance and presentation of good ads on the site helps to increase profits and vice versa.

google adsense ads price 

As we talked about the secrets of profit from Google Adsense ads, the prices of Google Adsense ads in Arab countries differ from prices in European countries, and are always low compared to other countries.  

Finally, we discussed the secrets of profit from Google Adsense ads, in addition to how to profit in several different ways, as well as the average profit, an enjoyable read for everyone.

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